Pawnbroking loans

Whether you are in an economic hardship or in a helpless condition for unprecedented bills or expenses, solution is at hand. if you take the advantages of pawnbroking with us. Pawnbroking is the easiest way that can help you to get rid of the situation when your next Cash leaves you with cold feet or you are in a tight condition for the instant need of cash loan. The Money Centre Melbourne City Centre is the one stop for all instant cash loan solutions. So don’t hesitate, come directly to The Money Centre Melbourne City Centre and take the advantage of instant cash loan facilities of all sizes secured against your goods of value irrespective of any reason.

We being specialized in cash loan providing services, we offer cash loan against new, used and scrap gold, jewellery items and to make the matter more convenient for you, we accept current model of mobile phones, ipods, laptop, digital cameras and other electronics and valuable goods.


  • Pawnbroking is very simple if you look to start off with us. Just bring your goods of value in our store with your expected price against it.
  • You can come to us with two intentions, one is to sell your goods to us or you can ask for an amount of money as a cash loan against it.
  • We will asses the item based on the quality of it commensurate with its current value.
  • You need not hesitate if you have any second hand item; for we will evaluate it to give you right price at the right time.
  • If you ask for the full amount against a particular item, we will spare no pains to pay or lend you an amount as close as possible to it relative with our assessed value of the item.
  • In case of a cash loan, we will hold your goods pledged until you redeem the loan by paying the principal and all interest accrued back to us.
  • If the loan is redeemed after a week the cost to customer is 10%, after 2 weeks 20%. The interest is fixed to 35% if loan is redeemed after week 3 or 4 of the loan or later.

So why wait? Don’t hesitate, get started and have your all financial solution solved by us. To get in touch with us please call (03) 9428 8545. We are at your service 24X7.

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