1. What is a Cash loan
Cash loans are small short term solution to an immediate small cash flow issue. Every month 100s of Australians borrow from us only money they need and they repay us. Most frequent reasons for a Cash loan is car repairs, urgent dental treatment, rental bond for a new home, a forgotten bill, or that special pair of shoes that can not wait till Cash. A Cash loan is not appropriate for long term cash problems or to buy and expensive item such as a car. You should need a long term loan in such cases and it would be a mistake to go to more Cash lenders.

2. Am I eligible
You need to be fully employed and be over 18 years old. Our loans are not available to Centerlink recepients, self employed or people who get paid in cash. Adverse credit history is not necessarily a problem as we will assess your overall financial position and offer you a loan that you can afford.

3. How much does it cost
We charge you a flat fee so you always know what you pay back. We do not have any “card” or “sign up” fees. Everything is included .

4. How can I pay
You can pay over the counter at our centre or via direct debit.

5. What other fees apply
For a direct debit you will be charged 88c and 33c for text messages. If you need to reschedule a payment we do not charge you anything for the first time. For any rescheduling after that you will be charge maximum 10 dollars per day.

6. What if I need to reschedule a payment
Please call us 24 hours before the direct debit of your loan repayment is due.

7. What is happening if my scheduled payment defaulted
Please call us as soon as possible so we set a new date that is suitable to you. If you have problem with the total repayment we can offer you a payment plan to assist you through financial hardship.