Our fees and charges

1. We operate in accordance to the National Consumer Credit Code. The Fees are capped to 20% establishment fee and 4% per month fee based on the loan amount.

2. You can choose any dates and installments you like and we do not expect you to pay it in your next pay day.

3. We do not charge you any joining fees or application fees.

4. We do not charge you any fees if you need to postpone your payments for couple of days. We believe that emergencies do happen in life. For any payment delays after that point most of our customers charged maximum of 50 dollars in total default fees. Compare that with the fees of our competitors and see how save with us.

5. Our text messages and reminders cost you only 33 cents. Every direct debit costs you 88 cents.

6. We do not charge for paying over the counter or paying earlier.

7. We do not charge you for assisting you with a payment plan if you lost your job or you have been sick. Usual late payment fee applies if you need a payment plan for any other reason.