Fully On Line Process

You can apply and complete our process for a Cash loan fully on-line. You do not need to have access to a scanner. After you complete the on-line application we will verify your bank account transaction on-line by emailing you a link that will provide a read only version of your statement. We will approve your loan in less than 30 minutes. You will then complete the loan contract form and direct debit form also on line. The money will be deposited to your bank account instantly.

Additional to this unique offers here are 10 reason that make us unique, 10 reasons you should prefer our Cash loans.

There are many Cash providers that claim a very similar service . Immediate cash available to you with paperless applications. In most of the cases you might be given a fixed cost. Please check the fine print for the hidden costs.

10 reasons that make us unique

Here is 10 reason that make us unique , 10 reasons you should prefer our Cash loans:

1. We are an Australian owned company, an independent family business.

2. We are not brokers or a referral service. It is our money and we are responsible for our loan approvals.

3. We have a physical location so you always know where we are in case there is a problem. You know who we are when you provide us with confidential information .

4. We have great variety of services: we offer Cash loans, secure loans and we buy and sell second hand goods so you will never run out of options to get emergency cash.

5. You can get the cash over the counter or via deposit to your bank account and repay over the counter if you prefer.

6. We are open 6 day a week.

7. Upon approval cash is available to you immediately from us. Some delays might happen during the first loan only due to extra security checks from the banks.

8. Bad credit history does not mean automatic rejection of your application

9. Our fee is all inclusive. There is no fine print or unexpected penalties.

10. You can choose the dates and amounts of your preference, as many installments as you like any dates you like.